Today’s Commute

My commute to work today was refreshing. It was warm this morning with a light breeze (for once at my back), and I had an easy ride downtown. On the way home, John Street was blocked off from Richmond to Queen for the MuchMusic Video Awards, so I had to walk up John Street. Lots of looky-loos to dodge. I had to walk up (as always) Poplar Plains Road from Cottingham to before Edmund, but at least it only took 10 minutes instead of the usual 20.

New asphalt on two streets! Oriole Gardens from Lawton Blvd to Bryce. Along Beverly Street from College to Dundas. Very sweet! You glide, it’s so happy and effortless.

Today’s commute was 18.57km. Not bad. Not bad. My rear light fell off when I road out of Oriole Park heading north this evening, but it didn’t break. Planet Bike makes sturdy bike lights. I recommend them.

Tomorrow I have to buy a new bike lock. I have a Stocks lock but I worry about damaging the spokes when I pry the lock open to attach it. So, it’s a Kryptonite for me. I’ll sell the Stocks lock at MEC’s Gear Auction in the fall (along with all of my backpacks).

I get off work early tomorrow so I’ll stop and take pictures of my commute home.


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