My Facebook page is resembling a hen party

I only have 7 friends on Facebook. Other people have hundreds. Why?

1) I only know 7 people. And they are all women!?

Okay, I know more than 7 people. But my social attention span has always been very poor. This is probably why the majority of my Facebook friends start their messages with “Oh my gosh, it’s been so long! Where have you been!” I’m also bad at sending postcards, my birthday cards and gifts are always days, weeks, months late (sorry, Jane!), and I forget to return phone calls (sorry, Mom!).  So, if I have only 7 people on Facebook, it’s all my fault.

2) They are all women. 

Hmmm. I have an insensitive streak that strikes terror into the hearts of men?  I am so sickeningly monogamous I am incapable of speaking to men? How about: I work with lots of women, so I  hang out with the girls and tend to forget there is another gender available for conversation? Yeah, lame.

Who knows. The girls are all right!

3)  Oh, let’s be generous…

I’m new on Facebook, I haven’t spent a lot of time gathering new friends because I am busy re-uniting with the lost ones, and quality does trump quantity in my humble opinion.

Whatever gets me through the night, right?


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