… was overcast and rainy, then sunny with big, lofty cloud patches. I took this picture while SBC and I waited for the Avenue Road bus after grocery shopping.

I’m enjoying my new lomography cameras — and trying to resist snapping a bunch of pictures so I can get the film developed.

When I bought the film yesterday I noticed a Gorillapod for my point-and-shoot digital camera. It has bendy twisty legs that can wrap themselves around fences, posts, bicycle handlebars, while holding the camera in place. I’m trying that one out very soon.

I added the pic above to my flickr stream. I joined a new group called Your Life on 20/07/2007. Basically you upload any pictures you take on July 20 to share a part of your life, your day, and your story. Looks interesting, and I’ll have my cameras at the ready on July 20.

Oh yeah, SBC and I also went to the dentist. We both had a clean bill of health – no cavities, and received some new toothbrushes and mint flavoured floss.

It’s all good!


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