Poking: When and Frequency

A Facebook interview with myself discussing Pokes and How I treat them. (My responses are in italics)

How often are you poked on Facebook? Hourly? Daily? Only after poking someone else? Constantly?

It depends. I have friends who always poke me. I am a lazy so and so, and that means I poke back when I feel like it. It’s very bad of me, but I have to admit, some days I see pokes as a subtle nagging. Like “Hey, it’s me! It’s me again! Hey!”. On my needy days, I do a lot more poking. Let’s face it. I’m selfish. I accept, and I go on.

How often do you poke? Hourly? Daily? Are you the poke initiator, or do you need to be poked first?

I have initiated pokes. Especially if I’ve been a delinquent poker and neglected poking back my friends. Now and then I’ll let loose a barrage of pokes to let people now I am here, so celebrate my presence already!

How long can you sit there looking at your aquarium before returning a poke? Can you engage in other Facebook activites and with a clear conscious remained poked and not be the poker?

My aquarium now has a shark, a crab, and an octopus, and it keeps me mesmerized for quite awhile. They don’t interact much, which is a pity considering their different methods of killing, but I can only hope for a future application upgrade. One that allows different fish species to fight to the death! I’d totally download that application.

If I’m busy writing a note, commenting on pictures, or filling my aquarium with deadly creatures, I have to hold off the poking until I’ve completed my task. Then, I poke. Basically, if I’m logged into Facebook then I poke everyone back. And throw in a few more pokes to prevent any hard feelings.

Am I spending too much time thinking about this when I could be doing other things, like reorganizing the front closet? Or uploading pictures to Flickr? Maybe reading a book, or learning about opera?

Considering how long it takes to upload to Flickr…

Like with any social niceties, knowing the rules and conventions are my best offense. I like to keep things civil so I can prevent any nasty confrontations as well as avoid any low-browed revenge tactics that could be thrown my way by anyone offended by my lax poking.

As far as hobbies go, I have too many of them. I have a stack of unread books, several unheard mp3s, magazines that have only been browsed, and Flickr absorbs plenty of time (uploading, uploading, forever uploading…) as I need to constantly take pictures so I can watch them upload.

And I’m not interested in opera. There, I said it. Feels good, very freeing.

What’s next on your Facebook agenda?

I‘m saving up for another octopus. Probably on Friday I can get another one, then I can sit and wait for them to interact. They’ll either fight to the death or mate. I’m leaning towards to the fight! With any luck the shark will get involved. It’ll be pure bloodshed.

Good luck with that.


2 thoughts on “Poking: When and Frequency

  1. This is F$#@!&*%$#@!! great LaLaaa.
    ya know who wins in that fight dont you?
    would your aquarium be of robotics by chance?
    Octopus LOVE shark….so what how are you beating the laws of nature?
    I always knew you were a scientist LaLa,,,but this is ground breaking material!

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