This kitten’s antics tire me out from just watching.

Where does he get his energy, and how can I tap into it

Before I go take my nap, I’m joining Jeremiah the Orange Menace’s Facebook group called “Friends of the Orange Menace”

Great song on this video!

Toronto cemetaries have a lot to offer.


You can enjoy peaceful contemplation amidst the grave stones and flower beds. Here is an example of a lovely flower bed in York Cemetary located in the Yonge and Sheppard area.

Lone Flower looking over a little girl's grave

And nothing makes you appreciate life than wondering what this little girl would have been like if she had had the chance to grow up and grow old. I like to think her parents would have been comforted to know that their little girl would spend each summer in the company of a flower, in Mount Pleasant Cemetary.