The Hasselhoff Question


Someone put a lot of time and creativity into this video. And that beggars the question, why?

This talented individual could be at the forefront of the avant garde movement. A real artist vision could be in the offing, but instead he or she is hoffing.

The Hoff can’t dance.

The Hoff can’t sing.

The Hoff’s acting reminds me of a marionette he’s so stiff and wooden.

The Hoff is an entertainment disaster.

Here are a few more great Hasselhoff youtube links:

This song is from his first American album “Knight Rocker”. And yes, I am trying to hold back the snickering. The woman in the car is David’s first wife, Catherine Hickland. The Hoff Trivia: Catherine’s second husband’s name is Michael Knight. David’s Knight Rider character was Michael Knight. Can life get odder? Only if I pay more attention to The Hoff Trivia.

My sincere apologies to Johnny Rivers. This is truly awful.

Thankfully, while we laugh and laugh and laugh, he laughs too.

Then there’s The Hoff’s claim that he helped the Berlin Wall’s fall back in 1989.

This man is a train wreck. And we all know what we do when we witness a train wreck… get popcorn.


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