Dang! It’s Dark Outside!

Now when I come home from work it is dark outside. Not twilight, dusk, near sunset… DARK! On some streets I can barely see ten feet of road ahead of me. What to do?

Lights! And plenty of them. Half of the problem is making sure cars can see me. I am practically lit up like a Christmas tree… My lighting consists of:

1) Solid red light on the back of my helmet.

2) Blinky red light attached to the rear of my bike rack. It’s placed a bit precariously because it’s not attached to a bracket, but clipped to a refective strip wrapped around the rear rack posts.

3) Two led headlights sitting on my handlebars.

4) An led cuff wrapped around my left wrist, so cars can see me when I signal turns.

Lights I will add this week:

1) Flashing leds that screw on my tire valves. The front will be white or green (depending on what’s in stock at MEC), and the rear will be red. They flash like crazy whenever the wheels are in motion!

2) I may add turtle led lights on my forks and seat stays. It depends if the lights aren’t obscured by my basket posts and rear rack posts.

3) I may upgrade my headlights for 1 watt led lights. They are stronger than my current lights, but not as battery sucking as my old lead battery headlights.

4) Helmet headlight. I have to check if one will fit on my helmet. I have a bmx style helmet so I will have to choose a light with an appropriate bracket.

Hopefully these lights will work to keep me visible to cars and other cyclists. I really don’t understand how other cyclists can ride at night without any lights. I’ve had close calls with some riders because I can only see them when they are under a street light, or get too close!


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