It’s Hot Outside Now, But Soon It’ll Be Cold

This past Sunday morning was the coldest in months. I left home at 7am and the thermometre read 5 degrees celsius. It wasn’t windy but riding downhill definitely made the ride chilly.

Luckily I was prepared. I recently bought a pair of Terry’s Coldweather Tights to wear under a pair of shorts. The tights come with padding sewn in and are extremely comfortable and warm. They even blocked the wind while I was riding downhill! Under my windproof jacket I wore a warm and stretchy high collared Sporthill Explorer II top.

And then I forgot my gloves. I misplaced my winter riding gloves last year. I know they are tucked safely in a box or a bag somewhere in my front closet… I need to clean that closet out soon. Before I left I found a pair of gloves that worked but are too stiff for riding. My hands were cramped by the time I got to work, but until I can find my favourite gloves I’ll have to use these ones.

My ears felt cold during my ride but not unbearably cold. I keep a bandana in my pannier and will use it when it gets colder. I have a ski helmet that is rated for bike riding, and that has a lovely warm head and ear liners, but it would be a bit of overkill for now.

I wear skateboard shoes and they are roomy enough for me to add a pair of wool socks.

I’m hoping I can ride my bike through the fall until November or maybe even December. I don’t think I’ll ride in the winter, but if there are any mild days I will definitely jump on my bike and go for a ride!


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