Lomo Fish Eye Pics

I took these Lomo Fish Eye pictures this summer.  Davisville Station looking northFlowersFlowersFlowersUnsuspecting woman near Hazleton LanesFlowers 


What are you doing right now?

Right now I am:

  • Making supper
  • Getting lunches for tomorrow ready
  • Contemplating a bubble bath
  • Browsing through a Scott Kelby book about Photoshop Elements 4 (learning, learning, always learning)
  • Looking forward to New Year’s day. The SBC and I are spending it with my best friend Jane! Yeahoo!
  • Double checking I have everything in my backpack for tomorrow (except lunch. That’ll stay in the fridge until I’m ready to leave.)
  • Wishing the TTC ran the subway on Sundays before 6am instead of 9am (I mean, honestly, the Yonge bus is always busy. Open the subway for pity’s sake, already!)
  • Wondering why my left heel hurts. Dickey achilles tendon! Old war wound… 
  • Recharging and syncing my ipod.
  • Deciding whether or not I’ll add sliced carrots to tonight’s supper. Just decided…. I will!
  • Swapped freshly recharged batteries in my digital camera
What are you doing right now?

Bad Thai cops, meet Hello Kitty

Some days are made for blogging. I woke up this morning, had some cereal, put on jeans and t-shirt, laced up my running shoes, read various headlines on CBC, BBC, and CNN websites. Discovered the usual mayhem and misery had continued while I slept. I then perused my favourite kitty cat sites (cuteoverload.com, icanhascheezburger.com, etc etc). I wasn’t expecting to read about how Thai cops will have to wear a pink Hello Kitty armband as punishment for misdemeanors.

Ahhh, life is good in the blogging world.

Facebook Applications: TV Trivia


This is a totally lame application. How many times can I possibly answer Facts of Life questions? Or Days of Our Lives? CSI? Any verison of CSI? Ditto for Law and Order? 

I am already bored with TV Trivia.

I have answered far too many Full House questions. That was a horrible tv program — why was it so popular? Were dour lower middle class families that bereft of activities? Would a widower really invite two other men to move in and help raise three daughters? But worse, why do I know all of the answers? I’ve watched only a couple of episodes, how could I possibly know the name of the eldest daughter’s best friend? How did I know the brother-in-law’s musical ambitions? Why? Why??

Did I really enjoy watching “The Facts of Life”? What life facts did I learn? Does anyone else remember cringing when Natalie lost her virginity? The episode was ridiculous. Nathalie was quiet and reflective about losing her “v” in a motel with her long-time boyfriend (can’t recall his name… Scull, Scotch, Skrill…). Tootie responded like an elderly maiden aunt. And there was no Mrs. Garrett to calm everyone’s nerves. Although, Blair was conspicuous in her absence. I figured she’d have a few pithy words about losing hers on a ski lift in Vail, or a white satin sheet covered bed in a French medieval castle, or perhaps mention that her virginity was worth millions in stock options for her father. The whole thing ended like a Harlequin romance novel when Natalie’s boyfriend appears several days after the “de-virginizing” (honestly, what would you call it? I can’t think of an appropriate word… de-virginizing it is) and proposes to marry Natalie.

Big. Wow.

This is pretty much how I feel about all of the Facebook Applications. I play with them for awhile, sending out camel toes to old high school friends, flowering plants to friends with new babies, throw pies at anyone. But after several mouse clicks the interest dies and I return to poking people.

Now that I have 25 applications, I think it is time to cull the herd. TV Trivia will go first, then Food Fight since I don’t bother with it any more, and My Aquarium has lost it’s shine so that’ll have to go. The Movies app is on probation, but it’s time will come because the questions are as complicated as the TV Trivia ones. Waaaaaay too many Disney questions.

What I did on Christmas…

The SBC and I had a great, restful, and quiet Christmas Day. We packed up a picnic lunch and ate it in Starbucks (King and Yonge), walked west to Queen and Spadina to visit Queen Video (it was closed. It’s been open on other Christmas Days. But I can’t blame them for closing and having a nice retail free Christmas.). I took a handful of pictures (see Flickr), and we walked up Spadina. Chinatown Centre was open! And crazy busy! We wondered around for an hour until we got hungry. We continued up Spadina Avenue to Swatow north of Dundas. We passed a bunch of open shops and restaurants. I think I know what we are doing next Christmas! Helllloooo Furama! (Bakery cafe just north of the Chinatown Centre. Mmmmm, donuts.)

When we got home I fooled around with Comic Life on my Macbook Pro. I’ve had this laptop for a year but have never tinkered with Comic Life. The app gives you a choice of comic layouts, then you choose your photos, add text bubbles, and then export to iPhoto. This is my first try.

Fooling around with Comic Life

Now there is only New Year’s left of the Holidays. Yeah!  

Dear Santa,

I have been as good as I possibly can. I know, I know. I could do better, but then I wouldn’t get to eat as much chocolate or pinch as many attractive backsides.  

But, I hope you will accept my foibles and send me everything on my list. So not to overwhelm you or your talented elves, I shall give you an item a day until Christmas. If you send me everything on my Christmas list, I will tell everyone you truly exist, and make them bow down to your glory. 

Here is my first item. I’d like an Ashera cat.  

This kitty is first on my list because I really really really need a 30lb part wild cat.I mean, look at that face! Doesn’t it just scream “Snorgles!”


Okay, the kitty is saying “Hand over all of the tuna, or the couch gets it!”

But regardless, I can give this cat loads of love. I can walk him on a leash. And I don’t have the asking price of $22,000, so I need your assistance, Santa.

C’mon, do a woman a favour, and send me this cat. I have organic catnip waiting under the tree!