What are you doing right now?

Right now I am:

  • Making supper
  • Getting lunches for tomorrow ready
  • Contemplating a bubble bath
  • Browsing through a Scott Kelby book about Photoshop Elements 4 (learning, learning, always learning)
  • Looking forward to New Year’s day. The SBC and I are spending it with my best friend Jane! Yeahoo!
  • Double checking I have everything in my backpack for tomorrow (except lunch. That’ll stay in the fridge until I’m ready to leave.)
  • Wishing the TTC ran the subway on Sundays before 6am instead of 9am (I mean, honestly, the Yonge bus is always busy. Open the subway for pity’s sake, already!)
  • Wondering why my left heel hurts. Dickey achilles tendon! Old war wound… 
  • Recharging and syncing my ipod.
  • Deciding whether or not I’ll add sliced carrots to tonight’s supper. Just decided…. I will!
  • Swapped freshly recharged batteries in my digital camera
What are you doing right now?

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