Training continues…

Swimming. What a wonderful activity! I love it. I missed it. I went for my second swim today. I spent a half hour in the “slow lane” trying out the front crawl, backstroke, and kicking while hanging on to the float board. I didn’t keep count of the number of times I swam up and down the lane, but I did manage 34 minutes. Not bad for a noobie!

I borrowed a book at the library about swim drills. Youtube has some swim drill videos too. I need to improve my swimming since it’s been so long. I am not used to keeping my head in the water and then remembering to come up for air while coordinating my arms to stroke forward. If I have to I will sign up for lessons!

What’s even better is my SBC has decided he wants to go swimming with me. Yeah, company! What would be a treat is if our building would repair the pool on the roof. Until the weather warms up considerably, it’s a cold damp walk from the community centre to our home.

Our cycling team blog is slowly slowly taking shape. I took photos of almost all of the team members this weekend, and signed us up as “authors” to post news and pictures. Hopefully, as the weather gets better, we’ll have more news and photos to share. And I’m hoping to take some training videos of us!


Today’s Training

I swam for the first time in 18 years, and you know that saying that you never forget how to swim? Well, I remembered most of it. Luckily I can still doggy paddle like a four year. Even luckier I can still tread water like the 1986 Camp Swim Treading Champion that I once was. One thing is definite, I hate water going up my nose just as much. This time I wore ear plugs to help turning my head into a bucket. I also wore a silicone swim cap. It didn’t keep my hair dry but it does have sharks screen printed on both sides. That has to count for something.

The pool is near my house and has an active senior’s community. I was the youngest woman in the changerooms by a clear 4 decades since I arrived at the start of the senior’s pool fitness hour. They looked like they had fun doing low impact water aerobics in the shallow end. I stuck to the deep end and reminded myself how the front crawl works, and the backstroke is relaxing. Why is everyone more comfortable with the backstroke? Swimming backwards isn’t particularly easy, and then I worry that I’ll smack my head into the wall when I get to the end of the lane. I spent a total of 40 minutes swimming and I am definitely going to swim each morning five days a week from now on.

At the gym I tried out the elliptical. I need a change from the stationary bikes because it is oh so boring as well the bikes aren’t comfortable for long periods of time. I can ride for 50 minutes max before my backside is screaming with pain. I gave the elliptical a ten minute whirl and I didn’t like it at all. It felt like running in place without gravity. I thought I was going to fly off of it and I had to regulate my speed to stay standing. Monday it’s back to the dreaded stationary bike. I’m starting a new routine: Every other day fast intervals, the other days resistance training on the bike. I’m limiting the session to 30 minutes, maximum of 40 to stave off boredom and butt pain.

I managed 60 squats with 50 lbs. Not bad. I’m aiming for 100 squats and then throw on another 10 lbs, starting back at 60 squats and build up to 100 again before adding an extra 10 lbs. Repeat until I can no longer stand it.

The rest was upper body. Monday it will be lower body, switching to upper on Tuesday. I increased the weight on the chest press machine and the lat pulldown, as well as the weird back muscle machine whose name I can never recall. On Monday I’m increasing the hip abductor and adductor to 120 lbs from 110, and the hamstring thingy to 90 lbs. Both will be a count of 60.

I’m saving Saturday and Sunday for recovery, but on tired out days I’ll take it easy and only do swim and bike.

That’s the plan anyway!

Still Waiting For the 2008 Becel Ride for Heart announcement.

I’ve been waiting for the 2008 June 1 sign up for ages now. I’ve decided to ride the 50 km route, or if my training goes well, the 75 km route! Sooooo excited. I read someplace that the 2008 Becel Ride for Heart website will be up at the end of February.

My friends at work and I are ganging up to train together and ride in the Ride for Heart, we even have a blog Team F5f2shutdown although it is very bare bones because I’m taking some team photos this weekend at work. The team is named after the most important part of a cashier’s job — the shutdown at the end of the day. We hit F5, F2, and then choose shutdown from the menu when we are done for the day. The blog will list our training, photos of our sessions together, advice, encouragement, hints, photos of our ride together, and anything else we sort out.

The best part will be picking out our team shirts! And a mascot, preferably a cat.

Jello Facts That Horrify Me (and probably you)

How horrible for them. According to this Wikipedia article that has seriously frayed my nerves, Utah is part of the “Jello Belt”.

And apparently the green lime flavoured Jello (or sneaker flavoured to be more precise) is a favourite because many more boxes of the green stuff was sold in Utah than in other states.


And gelatin comes from boiling and boiling and boiling the connective tissue from animals. I read a most wonderful article in The Chemical and Engineering News (online edition) and provides and interesting chemical and historical information about Jello. That’s right CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING NEWS. Because that’s where I want to find the latest and greatest food recipes. 

When you see a bowl of jello coagulating in the fridge, toss in a handful of FRESH pineapple. The pineapple contains an enzyme that will neutralize the evil quivering jello into harmless flushable mush. Do it! It’s the only way we can defend ourselves from this foul snack. 

But if you persist: Here’s some information about how to satisfy your South Beach Diet requirements and create a Jello-based holiday recipe then check out this picture I found at Kalyn’s Kitchen:

It’s Double Berry Jello Salad.

And yes, it does look like it’s been hacked off a person.

Horrible. Just horrible. 

How to upload photos from a lomo camera — as asked by Googlers

I noticed “how to upload photos from a lomo camera” was listed several times as search engine terms on my blog stats page.

So, here it is!

It was incredibly easy. When I dropped the film off at the developers, I asked that the photos be saved on a CD. When I brought home my lomo photos and CD (and it felt just like Christmas, let me tell ya), I slid the CD into my laptop and imported them straight into iPhoto (yes, I am a Apple Addict). Then uploaded them to Flickr and here. 

Yes, it was that easy!

For non-Apple people I imagine it is very similar. Just slide in the disk and follow the directions to your photo application.

From now on I am not having the photos printed. I’ll get them burned to a disk. Less waste, fewer boxes of photos hanging around, and the CDs are thin and easy to store. I’ll only print off favourites.

Fish eye in the cemetary

Next week in Lomo Land: I’m almost done not only a roll of Fish-eye lens photos, but also the first roll of Oktomat film! This is the most thrilling part of Lomography — what weird, wild and original photos did I make. Can’t wait!!