All I can think of is bikebikebikebikebikebikebikebikebikebikebike

That’s it. Today was not a good day to ride because I was busy working. And I had a bad headache. I bet dollars to donuts the headache would have disappeared in the first half kilometre or so, but I was occupied with too much work. 

But tomorrow… yes my sweet bicycle of joy and love, you and I have a date with the Beltline. It is clear of snow and ice… picture it my dainty lovely… I will wear my prettiest helmet and some darling bike tights. Let us not forget the chain lube.

Maybe I will bring my camera and I can take compromising pictures of you and me on the Beltline. Delicious!


Orange tans are a hit!

I love following aimless links in the interwebnets. The photo gems are a-flipping-mazing and can eat up many hours I could be using in a productive and useful manner. Like learning a language. Maybe Spanish. Then I would be able to read and laugh at these photos instead of just laughing. In case you are worried that I am sending you to a p0rn sit, here is a sample of the pictures you will see:




Lesson learned today: Ginos NEVER die. They turn day-glo orange and strike a pose.