Can I have a drumroll, please?


That’s an eggroll. Good enough!

May I present to you,, where nothing happens!

Thanks for coming to my website, I appreciate it. You are welcome to leave a comment. I like comments. Maybe I won’t like what your’s says, but I will read it. But maybe I will like your comment, and then comment on your comment. Then perhaps you’ll read my comment and comment on it. We could keep this up for a long long time.

I like cats, cakes, bikes, cheese sandwiches, clean bathrooms, photos by complete strangers, poking people on Facebook, and watching documentaries on places, people and events of which I have never heard of before.

So, visit! Visit often! Comment! I’ll comment too! I make no promises, except to always have a new youtube cat video.

Yours affectionately, Laura!

(Thanks, Wikipedia, for having an eggroll picture.)


5 thoughts on “Can I have a drumroll, please?

  1. Your site is (not surprisingly) the very best of best Vingata.
    Why dont you have your own show?
    ya know, ive been to many many sites…and yet
    here i am…..
    religiously entertaining myself on yer site-and still learning.

    synecdoche yours….
    (AKA: from q66)

  2. Laura, just stopped by your blog – got here believe it or not by one of the gelatin links – haha – yuck with whipped liver I believe is what you said.

    Nice site, and congrats on the 50 a day. I’m maxing out at 25 per day for now, but I just started! I’m a big animal lover, but specially cat lover too = and I will be adding pictures and posts about mine…

    Feel free to look around:

    which reminds me – I also laughed at the post with that spam message that was caught from that wierdo and the sicko links πŸ™‚ My site isn’t like that.

    Cheers. Itay.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have now moved it off the site and hosted it myself at Come and visit!

    Say, did you try the Chili recipe? What did you think?

    Happy Valentines Day! Itay.

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