Had a great Facebook reunion yesterday!


I had a great day with Tracy wandering about Kensington Market yesterday. We managed a quick catch up on 20 years of missed experiences, had lunch, pie, and took photos of a car filled with plants and dirt and a couple of cats. We both posted photos to our Facebook pages and the conclusion I’ve come up with is we are still the same nutjobs we were in grade 8. Happy day!


It was a gorgeous day and Kensington Market had loads of people shopping and sightseeing. We visited a bike store (because I have a bike addiction), store that sold hats and purses (because Tracy has a purse addiction), Courage My Love to try on my hats and 1940s style gloves (and I tried on a lucha libre wrestling mask. It was surprisingly comfortable), a chocolate store (both of us are addicted) and then we settled with a couple of slices of pie on the patio of Wanda’s Pie in the Sky.


A really good use for a car

A really good use for a car


Bubbles! Gotta love bubbles!

Bubbles! Gotta love bubbles!



I had the chocolate pecan pie, Tracy had the mango cheesecake.

I had the chocolate pecan pie, Tracy had the mango cheesecake.


The pies never had a chance.

The pies never had a chance.


Cats are great sunworshippers. I can watch them for hours.

Cats are great sunworshippers. I can watch them for hours.





Another sunworshipper

Another sunworshipper


Facebook Adventure!

Today I am seeing for the first time in nearly 20 years a grade school and high school friend. We met up again on Facebook last year and we are finally seeing each other. This should be neat! 

I first met Tracy back in grade 8 on the first day of school at St. Maria Goretti school in Scarborough. We were both new registrants and I had a policy of sticking with the fellow new kids. By about grade eleven we’d gone our separate ways but I always had happy feeling for Tracy. She was a cheerful, smiling, laughing, chatty kid and after only talking online (I’m so bad with my cellphone) it sounds like she’s become a cheerful, smiling, laughing chatty woman. Yay! 

Tracy is also on my blogroll because she has a blog where she shares a photo and a glimpse into her day. 

Today we are meeting at Union Station in downtown Toronto and heading up to Kensington Market. I’ll bring my camera and share my photos later with details of our day.

Busiest Day EVAH on vingada.com!

50 Vistiors today at vingada.com!

50 People have visited vingada.com today! The most people in one day! Wow!!

One thing I noticed in the “Search Engine Terms” listing, y’all have an obsession with cats and gelatin salad. Me too! Preferably in separate bowls, please. Also, many people do click on my blog links especially http://www.cuteoverload.com and http://www.icanhascheezburger.com. That’s great! These are two of my favourite sites. The people running them are hilarious and always find the best cat pictures. I should be so hard working.

The only search engine term I didn’t understand (and I don’t want to, I think) is “hamster cake”. Ewww! I hope this is a line of cute Japanese manga or anime characters because I really don’t think hamsters belong in a cake. Maybe given a nice cake-like treat, but definitely not actually baked in one. If you or someone you know wants to include hamster in a cake recipe, please, drop the nice hammy and call PETA. They will talk you out of it.

Anyway, thanks for visiting vingada.com! I have a bunch of photos I need to upload but have been lazier than a cat since Christmas. I’ll get to those very soon. Hopefully I can include some cats and jello and possibly even hamster pictures to my flickr account. This year I plan on including more of my bike commuting adventures in Toronto. I hope to even have a road trip! Ooooh! I’ll bring my camera and band-aids.

Facebook Applications: TV Trivia


This is a totally lame application. How many times can I possibly answer Facts of Life questions? Or Days of Our Lives? CSI? Any verison of CSI? Ditto for Law and Order? 

I am already bored with TV Trivia.

I have answered far too many Full House questions. That was a horrible tv program — why was it so popular? Were dour lower middle class families that bereft of activities? Would a widower really invite two other men to move in and help raise three daughters? But worse, why do I know all of the answers? I’ve watched only a couple of episodes, how could I possibly know the name of the eldest daughter’s best friend? How did I know the brother-in-law’s musical ambitions? Why? Why??

Did I really enjoy watching “The Facts of Life”? What life facts did I learn? Does anyone else remember cringing when Natalie lost her virginity? The episode was ridiculous. Nathalie was quiet and reflective about losing her “v” in a motel with her long-time boyfriend (can’t recall his name… Scull, Scotch, Skrill…). Tootie responded like an elderly maiden aunt. And there was no Mrs. Garrett to calm everyone’s nerves. Although, Blair was conspicuous in her absence. I figured she’d have a few pithy words about losing hers on a ski lift in Vail, or a white satin sheet covered bed in a French medieval castle, or perhaps mention that her virginity was worth millions in stock options for her father. The whole thing ended like a Harlequin romance novel when Natalie’s boyfriend appears several days after the “de-virginizing” (honestly, what would you call it? I can’t think of an appropriate word… de-virginizing it is) and proposes to marry Natalie.

Big. Wow.

This is pretty much how I feel about all of the Facebook Applications. I play with them for awhile, sending out camel toes to old high school friends, flowering plants to friends with new babies, throw pies at anyone. But after several mouse clicks the interest dies and I return to poking people.

Now that I have 25 applications, I think it is time to cull the herd. TV Trivia will go first, then Food Fight since I don’t bother with it any more, and My Aquarium has lost it’s shine so that’ll have to go. The Movies app is on probation, but it’s time will come because the questions are as complicated as the TV Trivia ones. Waaaaaay too many Disney questions.

Garlic! Oh Magnificent Garlic! How My Breath Awaits You!


My friend Naseem (who is one of my Facebook Obsessions friends) sent out this link to all of her Facebook peeps.

Oh, you must click on this link. Go watch the video. It is awesome! Now I want this thing… and yet it would sit in a kitchen drawer until the next tidy-up/purging. But the video would be worth the price of the garlic card. Yes, garlic card. Go watch the video. I’ve declared the music as the official soundtrack of my life.

After you’ve watched the swinging Swedish video, go thank Naseem by visiting her Flickr photos. She has over 3,000 photos — some of them of gorgeous cakes and hamsters (but don’t worry, there are no hamster cakes).

Poking: When and Frequency

A Facebook interview with myself discussing Pokes and How I treat them. (My responses are in italics)

How often are you poked on Facebook? Hourly? Daily? Only after poking someone else? Constantly?

It depends. I have friends who always poke me. I am a lazy so and so, and that means I poke back when I feel like it. It’s very bad of me, but I have to admit, some days I see pokes as a subtle nagging. Like “Hey, it’s me! It’s me again! Hey!”. On my needy days, I do a lot more poking. Let’s face it. I’m selfish. I accept, and I go on.

How often do you poke? Hourly? Daily? Are you the poke initiator, or do you need to be poked first?

I have initiated pokes. Especially if I’ve been a delinquent poker and neglected poking back my friends. Now and then I’ll let loose a barrage of pokes to let people now I am here, so celebrate my presence already!

How long can you sit there looking at your aquarium before returning a poke? Can you engage in other Facebook activites and with a clear conscious remained poked and not be the poker?

My aquarium now has a shark, a crab, and an octopus, and it keeps me mesmerized for quite awhile. They don’t interact much, which is a pity considering their different methods of killing, but I can only hope for a future application upgrade. One that allows different fish species to fight to the death! I’d totally download that application.

If I’m busy writing a note, commenting on pictures, or filling my aquarium with deadly creatures, I have to hold off the poking until I’ve completed my task. Then, I poke. Basically, if I’m logged into Facebook then I poke everyone back. And throw in a few more pokes to prevent any hard feelings.

Am I spending too much time thinking about this when I could be doing other things, like reorganizing the front closet? Or uploading pictures to Flickr? Maybe reading a book, or learning about opera?

Considering how long it takes to upload to Flickr…

Like with any social niceties, knowing the rules and conventions are my best offense. I like to keep things civil so I can prevent any nasty confrontations as well as avoid any low-browed revenge tactics that could be thrown my way by anyone offended by my lax poking.

As far as hobbies go, I have too many of them. I have a stack of unread books, several unheard mp3s, magazines that have only been browsed, and Flickr absorbs plenty of time (uploading, uploading, forever uploading…) as I need to constantly take pictures so I can watch them upload.

And I’m not interested in opera. There, I said it. Feels good, very freeing.

What’s next on your Facebook agenda?

I‘m saving up for another octopus. Probably on Friday I can get another one, then I can sit and wait for them to interact. They’ll either fight to the death or mate. I’m leaning towards to the fight! With any luck the shark will get involved. It’ll be pure bloodshed.

Good luck with that.

My Facebook page is resembling a hen party

I only have 7 friends on Facebook. Other people have hundreds. Why?

1) I only know 7 people. And they are all women!?

Okay, I know more than 7 people. But my social attention span has always been very poor. This is probably why the majority of my Facebook friends start their messages with “Oh my gosh, it’s been so long! Where have you been!” I’m also bad at sending postcards, my birthday cards and gifts are always days, weeks, months late (sorry, Jane!), and I forget to return phone calls (sorry, Mom!).  So, if I have only 7 people on Facebook, it’s all my fault.

2) They are all women. 

Hmmm. I have an insensitive streak that strikes terror into the hearts of men?  I am so sickeningly monogamous I am incapable of speaking to men? How about: I work with lots of women, so I  hang out with the girls and tend to forget there is another gender available for conversation? Yeah, lame.

Who knows. The girls are all right!

3)  Oh, let’s be generous…

I’m new on Facebook, I haven’t spent a lot of time gathering new friends because I am busy re-uniting with the lost ones, and quality does trump quantity in my humble opinion.

Whatever gets me through the night, right?

Might as well face it, I’m addicted to Facebook

I’ve lost track of the amount of time I’ve spent flipping through Facebook. It’s part hanging out with friends, part old high school yearbook browsing, and part peeking at other peoples pictures. Oh, how I love looking at pictures. Honestly, if there is a bunch of photos of pets, parties, weddings, kids, old class portraits I’ll look. It’s getting a bit much.

But then how would I use my constructive time? Instead of poking, food fighting, petting (fluff)friends, tagging school photos, commenting on my groups, uploading pictures, sharing Youtube silliness, I’d have to work.