Trees Shackled for Public Safety

Trees Imprisoned On Spadina Avenue.

Spadina Avenue’s recent spate of tree attacks have halted since the half dozen trees were shackled in place late last week.

Three recent attacks by the small, yet agressive trees were the reason for this latest attempt to control their behaviour.

“I saw that little one with the scruffy leaves approach a mum with a stroller.” One witness, who didn’t want to be identified, acounts. “It was walking slowly behind the lady, kind of stepping on the heels of her shoes. And those roots have big knuckles on ’em, so it hurt. I could tell.”

The mum in question notified the city’s parks departments and complained, citing that this wasn’t the first time this tree has treated her rudely.

Jane Jacobiak, a tree sociologist, commented on the state of the trees “Well this was bound to happen. The trees are rebelling against the people. Trees are supposed to have plenty of fresh air, clean water and deep soil. They’re prevented from forming deep roots and they’re angry about it.”

Locals are demanding that the city control these wayward trees. One neighbourhood business operator said “The city should cut ’em down! I’m tired of cleaning up after those slobs. Always dropping leaves, shedding bark and bits of branches. I try and get here early to brush up their seed pods in the spring and fall. Dirty gits! Kids and nice people walk by here everyday!”

The city has stated that none of the trees will be removed. For now the trees movements are limited by chains around their trunks and concrete slabs near the roots.

Busiest Day EVAH on!

50 Vistiors today at!

50 People have visited today! The most people in one day! Wow!!

One thing I noticed in the “Search Engine Terms” listing, y’all have an obsession with cats and gelatin salad. Me too! Preferably in separate bowls, please. Also, many people do click on my blog links especially and That’s great! These are two of my favourite sites. The people running them are hilarious and always find the best cat pictures. I should be so hard working.

The only search engine term I didn’t understand (and I don’t want to, I think) is “hamster cake”. Ewww! I hope this is a line of cute Japanese manga or anime characters because I really don’t think hamsters belong in a cake. Maybe given a nice cake-like treat, but definitely not actually baked in one. If you or someone you know wants to include hamster in a cake recipe, please, drop the nice hammy and call PETA. They will talk you out of it.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! I have a bunch of photos I need to upload but have been lazier than a cat since Christmas. I’ll get to those very soon. Hopefully I can include some cats and jello and possibly even hamster pictures to my flickr account. This year I plan on including more of my bike commuting adventures in Toronto. I hope to even have a road trip! Ooooh! I’ll bring my camera and band-aids.

Bad Thai cops, meet Hello Kitty

Some days are made for blogging. I woke up this morning, had some cereal, put on jeans and t-shirt, laced up my running shoes, read various headlines on CBC, BBC, and CNN websites. Discovered the usual mayhem and misery had continued while I slept. I then perused my favourite kitty cat sites (,, etc etc). I wasn’t expecting to read about how Thai cops will have to wear a pink Hello Kitty armband as punishment for misdemeanors.

Ahhh, life is good in the blogging world.

What I did on Christmas…

The SBC and I had a great, restful, and quiet Christmas Day. We packed up a picnic lunch and ate it in Starbucks (King and Yonge), walked west to Queen and Spadina to visit Queen Video (it was closed. It’s been open on other Christmas Days. But I can’t blame them for closing and having a nice retail free Christmas.). I took a handful of pictures (see Flickr), and we walked up Spadina. Chinatown Centre was open! And crazy busy! We wondered around for an hour until we got hungry. We continued up Spadina Avenue to Swatow north of Dundas. We passed a bunch of open shops and restaurants. I think I know what we are doing next Christmas! Helllloooo Furama! (Bakery cafe just north of the Chinatown Centre. Mmmmm, donuts.)

When we got home I fooled around with Comic Life on my Macbook Pro. I’ve had this laptop for a year but have never tinkered with Comic Life. The app gives you a choice of comic layouts, then you choose your photos, add text bubbles, and then export to iPhoto. This is my first try.

Fooling around with Comic Life

Now there is only New Year’s left of the Holidays. Yeah!  

Toronto cemetaries have a lot to offer.


You can enjoy peaceful contemplation amidst the grave stones and flower beds. Here is an example of a lovely flower bed in York Cemetary located in the Yonge and Sheppard area.

Lone Flower looking over a little girl's grave

And nothing makes you appreciate life than wondering what this little girl would have been like if she had had the chance to grow up and grow old. I like to think her parents would have been comforted to know that their little girl would spend each summer in the company of a flower, in Mount Pleasant Cemetary.

New Fish-eye Lomo Pics on Flickr!


I picked up my fish-eye pictures from Black’s this afternoon.

Ten of the pictures I like so I’ve uploaded those to Flickr (see Flickr button to your right), the others will be banished to photo purgatory never to be seen again.

The fish-eye takes great landscape style pictures and great close-ups. Middling views don’t cut it. It’s either right up close in your lens or vast vistas. I will enjoy the practising!

Let me know if you like the photos.



… was overcast and rainy, then sunny with big, lofty cloud patches. I took this picture while SBC and I waited for the Avenue Road bus after grocery shopping.

I’m enjoying my new lomography cameras — and trying to resist snapping a bunch of pictures so I can get the film developed.

When I bought the film yesterday I noticed a Gorillapod for my point-and-shoot digital camera. It has bendy twisty legs that can wrap themselves around fences, posts, bicycle handlebars, while holding the camera in place. I’m trying that one out very soon.

I added the pic above to my flickr stream. I joined a new group called Your Life on 20/07/2007. Basically you upload any pictures you take on July 20 to share a part of your life, your day, and your story. Looks interesting, and I’ll have my cameras at the ready on July 20.

Oh yeah, SBC and I also went to the dentist. We both had a clean bill of health – no cavities, and received some new toothbrushes and mint flavoured floss.

It’s all good!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am not only a year older, I am also the proud owner of TWO lomography cameras!

Yep, birthday presents are great.

Wish it happened everyday. Especially if cake is involved. (Actually, anything involving cake is delightful.)

My Sweet Baby Cat (hereby to be known simply as SBC) bought me a Fisheye Camera and an Oktomat Camera by the Lomographic Society International. And I cannot wait to pop a film cartridge into each one and be let loose in the streets of Toronto.

But first, a description of each camera….

1) Fisheye camera.

The fisheye camera has a wide wide wide lens – 170 degrees of vision. I’ll set the camera really close to my subject (cats, flowers, cats, interesting architecture, cats, bugs, cats, expressive faces, cats, etc. cats), press the button and bammo! Well, after I finish the roll of film and have it developed, bammo! A picture that looks like the image is bulging out at you from the centre while receding back at the sides. It’s like looking out from a fishbowl.

2) Oktomat camera.

This takes eight pictures in 2 seconds. Great for action shots. Say, your best friend is terrified of bees. A bee shows up and your friend starts to spin and jerk away from the vicious bee. Meanwhile you point the camera in her direction and press the shutter button. After you’ve recovered from the series of sharp punches in the arm, and have taken other equally amusing and awesome action shots, the kind developer hands you the envelope filled with treasures. The first shot will of your friend dancing, hopping, and spinning defensively away from the bee in eight mini poses on one picture. Cool!

Yes, my friends, the SBC has done an admirable job at choosing my birthday presents this year. I think he deserves at least two big kisses.

Now, where’s my cake!