I can’t be bothered to watch American Idol

I’m not a big fan of cabaret style amateur singing. While I agree with Simon Cowell’s assessment of the talent (this isn’t grade two — not everyone can be on stage on talent show night), it would be nice if he purchased less t-shirts. Odds are Randy Jackson has some cool stories from his Journey days, and possibly even Zucchero. I won’t bother about Ryan Seacrest (I think he’s biding his time until Dick Clark kicks the bucket so he can be declared Host With The Most).

I watch for Paula Abdul. She’s cool

I don’t particularly like her music, and I’m not a fan of any of her videos. But she is half Canadian. That makes her half cool. Her cool becomes whole because she was in the 1978 musical “Junior High”. It’s a brilliant kids movie starring junior high school students, and one of them was a pre-nose job Paula Abdul as a party girl.


Facebook Applications: TV Trivia


This is a totally lame application. How many times can I possibly answer Facts of Life questions? Or Days of Our Lives? CSI? Any verison of CSI? Ditto for Law and Order? 

I am already bored with TV Trivia.

I have answered far too many Full House questions. That was a horrible tv program — why was it so popular? Were dour lower middle class families that bereft of activities? Would a widower really invite two other men to move in and help raise three daughters? But worse, why do I know all of the answers? I’ve watched only a couple of episodes, how could I possibly know the name of the eldest daughter’s best friend? How did I know the brother-in-law’s musical ambitions? Why? Why??

Did I really enjoy watching “The Facts of Life”? What life facts did I learn? Does anyone else remember cringing when Natalie lost her virginity? The episode was ridiculous. Nathalie was quiet and reflective about losing her “v” in a motel with her long-time boyfriend (can’t recall his name… Scull, Scotch, Skrill…). Tootie responded like an elderly maiden aunt. And there was no Mrs. Garrett to calm everyone’s nerves. Although, Blair was conspicuous in her absence. I figured she’d have a few pithy words about losing hers on a ski lift in Vail, or a white satin sheet covered bed in a French medieval castle, or perhaps mention that her virginity was worth millions in stock options for her father. The whole thing ended like a Harlequin romance novel when Natalie’s boyfriend appears several days after the “de-virginizing” (honestly, what would you call it? I can’t think of an appropriate word… de-virginizing it is) and proposes to marry Natalie.

Big. Wow.

This is pretty much how I feel about all of the Facebook Applications. I play with them for awhile, sending out camel toes to old high school friends, flowering plants to friends with new babies, throw pies at anyone. But after several mouse clicks the interest dies and I return to poking people.

Now that I have 25 applications, I think it is time to cull the herd. TV Trivia will go first, then Food Fight since I don’t bother with it any more, and My Aquarium has lost it’s shine so that’ll have to go. The Movies app is on probation, but it’s time will come because the questions are as complicated as the TV Trivia ones. Waaaaaay too many Disney questions.