Photoshop Elements Projects

I figured out how to put multiple photos onto 1 – 10X8 sized jpeg.

I opened the 9 photos I wanted in the 10X8 size before I did anything else . Then I went under  “File” and selected “Contact Sheet II”. That opens up a window and lets me choose the size of the document (10X8), then number of prints (in this case 9), and to use the opened photos in the new document. I deselected the box marked “Use Filenames as captions” because I didn’t want that in the final photo.  When I pressed OK the program then flipped through the photos and the new document for a handful of seconds and then showed me my new grouped photo. I saved it as a jpeg and it’s ready for printing.


I’m going to print this up and frame it for my mom for Christmas!

Jasmine Climbs The Kitchen Cabinets


Jasmine won't let anything stand in her way of a can of tuna.

Jasmine won't let anything stand in her way for tuna.

 New Page! 

I use Photoshop Elements 4 for Mac to nudge the colours in my photos. It’s easy to use and it came bundled with my Wacom Bamboo tablet I received this past Christmas. I picked up several “How to Photoshop” and “Photoshop Elements” books (a number written by Scott Kelby — well written, great instructions, easy for a beginner *ahem* like me) and there were pages and pages of projects that mixes different photos, backgrounds and effects. So I’m giving them a whirl.

Here’s the first:


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