Dear Santa,

I have been as good as I possibly can. I know, I know. I could do better, but then I wouldn’t get to eat as much chocolate or pinch as many attractive backsides.  

But, I hope you will accept my foibles and send me everything on my list. So not to overwhelm you or your talented elves, I shall give you an item a day until Christmas. If you send me everything on my Christmas list, I will tell everyone you truly exist, and make them bow down to your glory. 

Here is my first item. I’d like an Ashera cat.  

This kitty is first on my list because I really really really need a 30lb part wild cat.I mean, look at that face! Doesn’t it just scream “Snorgles!”


Okay, the kitty is saying “Hand over all of the tuna, or the couch gets it!”

But regardless, I can give this cat loads of love. I can walk him on a leash. And I don’t have the asking price of $22,000, so I need your assistance, Santa.

C’mon, do a woman a favour, and send me this cat. I have organic catnip waiting under the tree!