My Christmas Tree

Go on, laugh.

Feel better?

Story regarding tree starts now:

So my apartment is a small two room plus kitchen, bathroom, and a few closets. Not miniature by any stretch, but it’s a challenge to fit a full sized Christmas tree (whether it’s real or plastic) for the season, as well as to store decorations and the tree (if it’s the fake kind) for the other 11 1/2 months.

I went with my imagination and made this tree out of squares of felt I sewed together in a Christmas tree-like shape. The ornaments I bought at the dollar store with the exception of the pewter wolf and pewter cat. I purchased those at the recent One of A Kind Craft Show and Sale a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to add a small and interesting ornament each year, but I have to be careful not to buy anything really delicate like glass balls or fragile wire creations.

I got a kick out of making the Christmas tree. It’s a little out of the ordinary and easy to change each year. Next year I’m going to pick up some LED lights to brighten up the room. I still need a tree topper but haven’t had much luck finding or making something that I really like. I found a few craft books that had instructions on how to make angels out of clothespins and tulle, or stars out of styrofoam and glitter paint. But none of them hit that happy craft spot. I’ll just save that spot on the top of the tree until I see something I love.

As far as gift giving goes I limit it to those nearest and dearest. My best friend is getting some treats and so is my mom. The Sweet Baby Cat and I decided to buy a 32Gb Ipod Touch for each of us when the Apple Store had their Black Friday sale in November. Ahhh! No puffy sweaters! Life is good.

Oh, the Ipod Touch is excellent. I love being able to listen to music, watch videos, have my favourite photos, and my contacts, calendar (oh disorganization, I’ll best you yet), and get to play games, roam the internet, have free apps galore (my current fav is VeganYumYum’s recipe collection – free! Go look!) and not have to pay for the accompanying cell phone costs when compared to the Iphone.

I’m tolerating the snowfall and cold weather with as much good cheer as a summer worshipper possibly can. I don’t like riding in snow and ice so my bike has slowly turned into a glorified coat rack. Geez, I feel guilty typing that out. I’m going to clean up my bike as soon as I sign off. But once Christmas passes I’ll be back to my winter whining. In the meantime I have to stave off the winter fat (and burn off the stubborn fat) by swimming, assaulting the walk/run track and the gym at the nearby communty centre. I’m already salivating at the thought of conquering the hill on Poplar Plains Road this spring!


Are There “Explicit” Lawrence Welk Lyrics?

I was looking for Lawrence Welk songs for mother this past Christmas. I couldn’t remember the name of her favourite singer from the show, so I checked the itunes store in case it jogged my memory.

My mom loves the Lawrence Welk show. I was tortured by it. Every Saturday evening I had to sit there and watch re-runs of waltzing, accordioning, that dancing couple with the enormous white teeth, and big haired ladies singing. It was awful. Although I did like the bubbles. Who can stay angry when they see bubbles? Throw in the fact that the bubbles were “champagne bubbles” and I stopped whining. An added bonus were the elderly couples from the audience who’d come on stage and dance. I never saw so many blue haired ladies and short men dancing before in my life. And they all wore horn rimmed glasses. I guess that was in vogue amongst the olds in the sixties.

But back to the reason I wrote this:Check out this screen shot I took from the Itunes Store. These Lawrence Welk Christmas songs are the “clean” versions.

Are there

I checked for a while but I did not find the “explicit” versions. I am still disappointed.

Dear Santa,

I have been as good as I possibly can. I know, I know. I could do better, but then I wouldn’t get to eat as much chocolate or pinch as many attractive backsides.  

But, I hope you will accept my foibles and send me everything on my list. So not to overwhelm you or your talented elves, I shall give you an item a day until Christmas. If you send me everything on my Christmas list, I will tell everyone you truly exist, and make them bow down to your glory. 

Here is my first item. I’d like an Ashera cat.  

This kitty is first on my list because I really really really need a 30lb part wild cat.I mean, look at that face! Doesn’t it just scream “Snorgles!”


Okay, the kitty is saying “Hand over all of the tuna, or the couch gets it!”

But regardless, I can give this cat loads of love. I can walk him on a leash. And I don’t have the asking price of $22,000, so I need your assistance, Santa.

C’mon, do a woman a favour, and send me this cat. I have organic catnip waiting under the tree!