How Can Such a Sweet Cat be so bad?

Freddy is my mom’s cat and she tells me all the time how ferocious he is. She claims he bites, scratches, and generally mauls her several times a day. What mom doesn’t say is how she loves to tease and tickle him until he responds with many bites and those swell kangaroo cat kicks. Ouch, but I can’t offer up much sympathy since she provokes it and actually enjoys the rough play. Fortunately so does Freddy.

Now, I’ve never experienced this from Freddy. When I come over it’s love and kisses and he curls up on my lap for a nap and cuddles. He is incredibly friendly and loves having his head rubbed and kissed. We get along just fine.

Several weeks ago I visited my mom and the cats (she also has a rather cranky Tabby named Belle who hates my very existence). My mom decided to rough house with Freddy while I snapped away. freddy-is-a-monster

I’m going to print this photo and frame it for my mom.