Still Waiting For the 2008 Becel Ride for Heart announcement.

I’ve been waiting for the 2008 June 1 sign up for ages now. I’ve decided to ride the 50 km route, or if my training goes well, the 75 km route! Sooooo excited. I read someplace that the 2008 Becel Ride for Heart website will be up at the end of February.

My friends at work and I are ganging up to train together and ride in the Ride for Heart, we even have a blog Team F5f2shutdown although it is very bare bones because I’m taking some team photos this weekend at work. The team is named after the most important part of a cashier’s job — the shutdown at the end of the day. We hit F5, F2, and then choose shutdown from the menu when we are done for the day. The blog will list our training, photos of our sessions together, advice, encouragement, hints, photos of our ride together, and anything else we sort out.

The best part will be picking out our team shirts! And a mascot, preferably a cat.