Are There “Explicit” Lawrence Welk Lyrics?

I was looking for Lawrence Welk songs for mother this past Christmas. I couldn’t remember the name of her favourite singer from the show, so I checked the itunes store in case it jogged my memory.

My mom loves the Lawrence Welk show. I was tortured by it. Every Saturday evening I had to sit there and watch re-runs of waltzing, accordioning, that dancing couple with the enormous white teeth, and big haired ladies singing. It was awful. Although I did like the bubbles. Who can stay angry when they see bubbles? Throw in the fact that the bubbles were “champagne bubbles” and I stopped whining. An added bonus were the elderly couples from the audience who’d come on stage and dance. I never saw so many blue haired ladies and short men dancing before in my life. And they all wore horn rimmed glasses. I guess that was in vogue amongst the olds in the sixties.

But back to the reason I wrote this:Check out this screen shot I took from the Itunes Store. These Lawrence Welk Christmas songs are the “clean” versions.

Are there

I checked for a while but I did not find the “explicit” versions. I am still disappointed.