Valentine’s Day Donut Massacre

In celebration of the feast of love that is Valentine’s Day… blahblah… love… affection… humblebrag re: super love life…. overpriced chocolates… whatevs feelings… blahblah… foreverness …

Here is a video of the real meaning of love, eating donuts together and not one bit of nutritional guilt is felt. Tough toenails about the death of three donuts. The one covered in sprinkles was definitely asking for it. I can tell because I can understand donut language. It is vile and full of sugar. Totally deserved the thorough chewing punishment I meted out.

I shot this video using my super, handy dandy GoPro Hero 2 camera in time lapse mode. Each agonizing, gripping chomp was stored as a 5 mgp photo which I then had the Time-Lapse app (from the Mac App Store) string together into a movie. Music and titles added in iMovie 11. Took longer to eat the donut than oversee the entire film making magic.

Happy Valentine’s Day! *pithy comment about twoo wuv here*


Time Lapse Cake

I decided to try making a time lapse video with my GoPro Hero 2 camera. Basically, I set up the camera on a tripod, set it to take one photo every 5 seconds. Then I baked a yellow cake! My only tech snafu was the battery ran out but that was my fault because I didn’t recharge it before setting up the shoot.

I found a neat program called “Time-Lapse” by that arranged the string of photos after I picked the frames per second, the codec, and speed. Time-Lapse then created a Quicktime movie that I imported into iMovie 11. The “Time-Lapse” app cost $5.00 from the Apple App store and it was a breeze to use.

In iMovie 11, I added titles and music to the video.

The cake recipe was a yellow cake from Better Homes and Gardens. It was a tasty, tasty cake.